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Boarding at Safe Harbor Farm

Safe Harbor Farm offers full care boarding on a limited basis. Horses boarded at Safe Harbor receive the highest level of care available from 2 full time staff members, and one additional live in staff member. Veterinary services are also located right across the road.

Services included with Boarding:

  • Beautiful Stalls- Airy, large seamless matted 12X12 stalls with mesh Lucus stall fronts, and back wall mesh doors with storm doors. Your horse can be accessed from the outside of the building in case of emergency.

  • Daily Turnout- Horses are turned out daily. Our staff will apply any protective boots or other items your horse requires. In addition: Summer Turnout- horses are turned out daily, we also offer the option of night turnout. Our staff dresses your horse in his/her fly sheet and mask, and applies fly spray. Horses are never turned out when there is a possibilty of storms, if a storm is imminant day or night, our staff will bring your horse in. It is also our policy to never turn out in muddy conditions, this is for your horses safety.

  • Private and Small Group Turnout- If your horse requires private turnout we will make every effort to accomidate it. We also make every effort to turn your horse out with compatible herd members, your horse's safety is our main concern.

  • Winter care- Your horse is blanketed by our staff, and blankets are changed as often as needed. We are equipt with heated buckets, horses are watered with luke warm water as well. Bran Mash is fed weekly.

  • Supplements-Our staff feeds your horse any supplements or medicine you provide, no individual bagging necessary.

  • Emergency- Emergency care is always provided immediately for your horse, you are always contacted.

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